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Our Mission

Make the world of product accessible to all

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Since May 2020, Product Buds was founded to create access to opportunities in product — starting from connecting aspiring and early career product managers to industry resources, helping them transition into the field of product management.

Meet the Product Buds Team

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Grace Yeung

Grace YeungProduct Buds Linkedin


David Zhou

David ZhouProduct Buds Linkedin


Henrika Lim

Henrika LimProduct Buds Linkedin

Co-Founder and Co-Director

Milap Patel

Milap PatelProduct Buds Linkedin

Co-Founder and Co-Director

Darsh Thakkar

Darsh ThakkarProduct Buds Linkedin


Ami Patel

Ami PatelProduct Buds Linkedin

Head of Marketing

Randy Shao

Randy ShaoProduct Buds Linkedin

Head of Web Development

Vasanth Rajasekaran

Vasanth RajasekaranProduct Buds Linkedin

Head of Community and Partnerships

Drithi Iyer

Drithi IyerProduct Buds Linkedin

Head of Program Management, PM Fellowship

Kelsey Wu

Kelsey WuProduct Buds Linkedin

Head of Program Management Protothon

Anish Gupta

Anish GuptaProduct Buds Linkedin

Product Case Studies Lead

Hassaan Mustafa

Hassaan MustafaProduct Buds Linkedin

Bookclub Lead

Alexandra Pinedo

Alexandra PinedoProduct Buds Linkedin

Educational Content & Strategy Lead

Shivani Bala

Shivani BalaProduct Buds Linkedin

Growth Marketer

Doris Zhuo

Doris ZhuoProduct Buds Linkedin

UX Designer

Marika Suzuki

Marika SuzukiProduct Buds Linkedin

UX Designer

Maheen Adhami

Maheen AdhamiProduct Buds Linkedin

UX Researcher

Meet our Amazing Advisors

Jonathan Javier

Jonathan JavierProduct Buds Linkedin

Jerry Lee

Jerry LeeProduct Buds Linkedin

Clement Kao

Clement KaoProduct Buds Linkedin